Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting

                                                                   We host a Rimfire and Centerfire match on the first Saturday of the month. 


RIMFIRE shooting is one of the fastest growing gun sports in the USA. Inexpensive to shoot with little to no recoil it’s a great way to introduce new shooters into the shooting sports.


Located 15 miles east of Huntsville, AL. Cavern Cove Rimfire offers safe and exciting RIMFIRE shooting action.

Now including centerfire firearms too.


Anyone with safe gun handling skills may participate. Youngsters and elders alike can enjoy a safe shooting experience.

Cavern Cove near
Cathedral Caverns

Cavern Cove is located in Woodville Alabama, it is a quiet little place about 15 miles east of Huntsville Alabama. The facility is located on the same road as the world famous Alabama State Park:  Cathedral Caverns.
We shoot the 1st Saturday (with some exceptions) of the month with registration starting at 9:00am.  Shooting starts around 10:00 am.  Come out and shoot or just watch to see how fast and exciting our matches can be.


RIMFIRE shooting is one of the fastest growing gun sports in the USA. The guns are readily available (everyone has one!), the recoil is slight, and ammunition is inexpensive when compared to center fire shooting. A fun day with lots of shooting will only cost you $15 for the first gun and $5 for a second if you choose to shoot two.


The Club is located on the same property as the NORTH ALABAMA REGULATORS, which is a registered SASS organization. 
The Club was started by Gary Franks in 2010, after holding a RIMFIRE side match during the big SASS event of AMBUSH: At Cavern Cove. The side match was a big hit, with many contestants registering and competing in the match.
Cavern Cove Rimfire was born.Initially the Club was focused on Cowboy Rimfire, but as word spread, everyone dragged their .22 guns out of the closet, multiple divisions now take place. During an event you can see a 80yr old single action gun, or a state of the art, high performance assault rifle. From Iron Sights to ACOGS, you can see it all competing on a regular monthly basis.

Companies that Sponsored our State and World Matches